Meet K-3

Jonathan Bouchet Manheim & Kenzo Takada founded K-3 and are joined by a team of experts, including Engelbert Honorat as creative assistant, Wanda Jelmini as an interior design consultant, and Itoshi Mashita as a creative assistant to Kenzo Takada for nearly 50 years. The team includes wonderful technicians, craftsmen, manufacturers, and developers.

Jonathan Bouchet Manheim

Bouchet Manheim

Jonathan Bouchet Manheim was born into a vibrant, cross-cultural family, with roots stretching from Paris to New York City. His upbringing was characterized by an environment that cherished creativity and championed the spirit of innovation. Pursuing his academic journey in Boston, Jonathan delved into the world of finance. However, it wasn’t long before his passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with a deep appreciation for the arts, began to take centre stage. Before embarking on the K-3 adventure, Jonathan honed his skills and expertise as a managing partner at Kenzo Takada. His tenure at Kenzo Takada was marked by a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavours. 

Kenzo Takada


Kenzo Takada, a luminary in the world of fashion and design, embarked on his journey from the vibrant streets of Himeji, Japan, to the fashion capitals of the world. With a pioneering spirit and a boundless passion for colour, nature, and diversity, Kenzo transformed the fashion landscape, introducing a unique fusion of Japanese aesthetics with European haute couture. In founding K-3, Kenzo Takada brought his distinctive flair and innovative mindset to the realm of home decor and design. K-3 stands as a testament to his belief in the power of design to enrich lives and spaces. It embodies his lifelong commitment to joy, harmony, and the breaking of boundaries between art and everyday life. K-3 is not only a reflection of Kenzo's unparalleled creativity but also a tribute to his journey of pushing conventions and setting new paradigms in design.

Engelbert Honorat.


Engelbert Honorat's passion for creation has always guided him towards artistic vocations. Engelbert was the creative assitant of Kenzo Takada for many years. Throughout his educational journey, he dedicated himself to mastering the art of patternmaking, with a special focus on design and the refined skills of craftsmanship. His commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with artistic innovation has consistently led to visually stunning and creatively rich works.

Wanda Jelmini

Wanda Jelmini

Wanda Jelmini, a name synonymous with creativity, lives by the motto, "I LOVE TO WEAVE MAGIC INTO LIFE!" Her illustrious 40-year career bridges fashion and home design, deeply rooted in a textile legacy that dates back to her family's business inception in 1919. Notably, she spent over three decades designing for MISSONI, blending patterns and colours into vibrant expressions of art. Beyond her family's enterprise, Wanda has shaped the aesthetic contours of top international brands as a consultant and creative director.

Itosho Mashita


Hitoshi Mashita, affectionately known as Marcy, has been a pivotal figure in the realm of colour and design since the mid-70s. As the trusted colourist for Kenzo Takada, Marcy has had a hand in shaping some of the most recognisable and vibrant concepts alongside Takada and his team. His work, characterized by a deep understanding of colour’s emotional and aesthetic impact, has significantly contributed to the distinctiveness and success of their collaborations. Since the inception of K-3, Marcy has continued to infuse the creative process with his unique colour insights, playing a crucial role in the development of its signature style.

Brand vision


The brand's creation has been inspired by Eastern and Western aesthetics with a modern twist. Therefore, as part of the brand’s visual identity, most pieces bear a kintsugi mark, a tribute to the Japanese savoir-faire.